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I am a Professional Certified Sex Coach and Counselor, providing a safe environment for both individuals and couples to receive guidance and tools to work through a broad range of sexual issues and challenges. 
I offer a progressive and innovative approach to sexual healing. I believe that sexual health impacts health in all aspects of life. By achieving good sexual health, we often achieve and maintain good health in other areas of our lives.

Sex Coaching is a method (like a type of proactive counseling) of helping people feel more successful sexually. The Sex Coaching I provide helps with a wide variety of matters involving all things sexual. 
During a session with me, you let me know your particular needs, challenges or interests and I come up with a specific formula that best suits you, which may include various types of techniques for you to practice at home. What we cover depends on each person's specific needs. I will teach and guide you throughout the process. 
We will work together, helping you feel successful in the areas that are important to you.

Some common challenges or interests are: ED (erectile dysfunction), PE (premature ejaculation), confidence issues, low libido, over active libido, spirituality, relaxation, inability to have an orgasm (anorgasmia), partner incompatibility, honesty between partners about needs and desires, BDSM etiquette, healthy communication about sex, open relationships,  polyamory, cross dressing, masturbation and more. Sex Coaching covers virtually anything and everything.

*The person's needs will decide the best approach*


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